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The Student’s View: Insipred by KAMU Activities

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Building Service learning bridges to Taiwan

Towards the end of August Metropolia staff experienced a delightful Taiwanese afternoon accompanied by a traditional treat smoked plum and coffee produced by an aboriginal tribe in the Taiwanese mountain district. In the meanwhile Associate Professor Yu Chu Huang from FJU Catholic University gave an interesting presentation about the use of Service Learning in her University.

Service Learning has been adopted as a pedagogical approach by the entire University. It includes an assessment of the needs in some deprived communities and support to their empowerment. For example the Social Sciences students have initiated a project, where they regularly supervise t

he homework of pupils who live in the Taiwanese mountain district, which has a severe shortage of teachers.

The student group raised funds, collected old computers to be placed in community centres and take every day the responsibility for supervising children from long distance. Once in a while pupils and students meet each other to assess the learning outcomes.

“Usually students study alone, but in these projects they learn to work as a team. They have to share their learning, which can be related with respect, communication or something practical like cooking or dancing,” Ms Huang explains. “There is too much distraction in the city and students don’t necessarily know how to interact with clients any more. On the mountains students can learn to listen and to see,” she continues.

Ms Huang’s visit in Metropolia was part of an attempt to continue Culture Bridge project, which is Service Learning related student exchange and research co-operation between Taiwan (FJU Catholic University), Finland (Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences), Australia (ACU Australian Catholic University), Hong Kong (Lingnan University) and most recently Indonesia (Indonesia Catholic University). The attempt is to provide a possibility also to Metropolia students to support the empowerment of Indonesian deprived communities during two week exchanges in the future.

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