Students and immigrants becoming buddies

Everybody sees the world in their own, different way and is good at different things. In the KAMU project, the idea was to be and work in different ways – but together.

The KAMU project was about forming KAMU-buddies learning pairs of  a vocational school student with an immigrant background  and learning difficulties, and a student of Social Services. The objective was, for example, to support the learning of the Finnish language and finding new hobbies. Simultaneously students of social services could learn more about voluntary work and customer-centred service. In addition to this, the KAMU students also developed functional games which consider cultural differences and the challenges of learning.

The KAMU project was based on a Service Learning model in which an educational institution and another organization co-operate in a way which benefits the customers of the organization, as there is co-operation with students. The objective was to promote the use of the Service Learning model in a wider context and in the whole of Finland.